The 5 Reeled Slots Advantage

One can find several changes and leap in the slot gaming technology shifting from the conventional 3 reeled slot machines to a 5 reeled slots game. Land casinos are getting more peculiar of keeping up with the competition with the desire to bring the most innovative slot gaming technology with a more fun slot games to play.

Online casinos were the first to take the benefits of using 5 reeled slot games online where several slot players were able to enjoy the advantages of playing for more bonus features and more possible winning combinations to win from a slot machine.

The 5 reeled slots have a rising popularity which opens the avenue of new trend in slot gambling. Almost majority of both online and land based casinos have 5 reeled slot machine on their gambling sites knowing that their slot players get maximum benefits from playing with a more sophisticated game of slots.

Although one can still find the classic game of 3 reeled slot machines more 5 reeled slots are seen from the casino floors and online gambling sites. Contrary to the beliefs of some slot players that winning from the 5 reeled slots is quite difficult the employment of the random number generator technology provides equal odds of winnings to all players of the 5 reeled slots.

Moreover, the payback percentage of a slot machine does not change regardless on the type of reels being played whether be 3 or 5 reeled slots. Hence a slot machine set at 95% payback percentage will still give this payout range whether the slot machine is 3, 5, 10, 20 or more numbers of reels.

The slot player also gets better advantage of hitting frequent winnings because of the more numbers of possible combinations to win from a 5 reeled slots. Hence the possibility to hit frequent winnings is higher from a 5 reeled slots than the classic slot machines.

5 reeled slots are known to pay between low to mid range of payouts but luck remains to be a major factor. Playing the maximum coins may not be necessary with the 5 reeled slot machines but it is highly recommended to play the maximum number of pay lines in order to maximize the player's chances of hitting a winning.

It would also be prudent to always check the pay table before playing 5 reeled slots since when one is playing a progressive slot machine playing the maximum coins is necessary to qualify for the progressive jackpot.

Playing the 5 reeled slots provides slot players the opportunities to have better options of playing the slot machines with more interesting features and higher odds of hitting frequencies.

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